Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're Okay. We've Survived Christchurch Earthquake, Vol. II.

Christchurch. It rocks.

My mom and dad and I are all okay. We were sitting in a restaurant at the corner of Worchester and Manchester Streets when all of a sudden the ground began to heave and buckle... the glass windows shattered, the awning outside collapsed, and we were thrown to the ground. Twelve seconds of horrific shaking later, the brick building had collapsed around us.

We got out safely.

We made our way (walking 10km) to Heathcote, and now we are staying with Vaughn and Kat at their house in Cashmere, with Illy and Malcolm. We aren't sure what we're going to do tomorrow... somehow we need to get out of here.

We're just going to wait for daylight, but I'm not sure how much sleep we are going to get... aftershocks keep shaking the earth, and some are quite large and violent.

I feel so guilty for bringing my parents into a war zone.

I'm just grateful that we are okay... 65 were confirmed dead at 5pm. I'm sure the toll is only going to rise. We were in the Cathedral for a tour forty-five minutes before the earthquake struck... now the interior concrete pillars are collapsed, the pews are crushed, and those who were participating in the midday mass are buried under two metres of rubble and likely dead.

I think I'm in shock.

Hold on tight, everyone. I'll try to keep you posted as long as the cell phone towers keep broadcasting a signal I can connect to, and my battery holds out on my laptop.

Goodnight... I hope it is. I really do!


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  1. Carolyn - I can only imagine what you and your parents have gone through :S It really does sound terrifying and I'm hoping for the best for everybody down there.

    We just had the province wide earthquake drill and I feel like I think about earthquakes all the time now....did you guys have time to get under the table?

    This may not be much consolation, but we're sending hugs from Canada