Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Blog Entry about Blog Entries (Metacognition, Anyone?)

Oh, how glorious it was to sleep in a bed last night, and to wake up under soft sheets and on a soft matress. Right now I am sitting on top of that very same bed, with Bella the cat stretched out purring at my feet. It's quite later(a quarter to midnight), and I am still tired from all my hiking this week so I will try to keep this short.

Your daily difference between Canada and New Zealand: here they say "A quarter of nine" or "half of nine", whereas in Canada we would say "A quarter past nine" (or "a quarter after nine") or "half-past nine".

Today I spent writing up blog entries for the the four previous days spent walking the Heaphy Track; I wrote in a notebook every night and today transcribed those pointform notes into full-fledged blog entires. As such, I've spent a lot of the day typing, and don't really have any desire to write another detailed entry for today! Thankfully there isn't a whole lot to write about; the most excitement I had here today was figuring out how to make bread in Mary's breadmaker. I found the manual, assembled the required ingedients, found a few measuring implements, put the proper amounts into the baking container, hit the "Start" button, and five hours later had a passable (if slightly flat) loaf of bread... it must have fallen slightly. I even managed to burn my hand trying to shake it loose from the baking container (just what I need, another blister!). It doesn't taste too bad, however; I'm sure tomorrow morning it will be delicious toasted with a little honey spread on top.

This morning I hung my wet clothes that were washed yesterday out on the line, and once again spread my tent and sleeping bag out on the lawn to dry in the sun. I made two soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, and spent a good deal of time cleaning the kitchen counters and searching through the cupboards looking for the ingredients to make bread; I think I might make it a mission to clean and organise the cupboards tomorrow, which serves to a) do something nice for Mary, b) make me feel better about staying in her house as a WWOOFer by actually doing some work and c) give me a better idea of what exactly there is to eat around here. ;-)

Paul checked in on me this afternoon after he returned from the art shop he helps run down the street; I assured him everything was fine, and he offered me the use of his bike if I ever want to go for a ride. The rest of my day was spent writing blog entires, folding up my tent, and assembling something for dinner (pasta with tomato sauce and cut up zucchini and tomato... surprisingly tasty). I also took some pictures of Mary's house and the magnificent mountain directly behind it; if you stand in her backyard and look up and to the right you can see a waterfall near the top! Yes, a waterfall. I thought that was pretty cool.

After posting all my blog entires for the past week I set about trying to link in an audio file I made for my entry on the Tasman Valley Glacier shanty song. I wouldn't normally bring this up, but it took me forever to get the file up and hosted on my angelfire website, so let me know if visiting this blog entry and right-clicking on the linked file just above the shanty lyrics does indeed allow the sound clip to download, so I know that my efforts weren't in vain! (I'm aware directly clicking the link doesn't work, but for some reason "open link in a new tab" or "download linked file" both seem to, for me.)

I have nothing else of interest to write about today, so I'll end this entry here (ah, it's mercifully short, thank god). Perhaps tomorrow will be more interesting. Night!


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