Saturday, January 22, 2011

Misery, Part Deux

Another day in abject misery have I spent… this morning I woke up fitfully with my alarm, but very quickly went back to sleep, to be awakened by Howard at 8am coming into my room to see how I was doing. He was quite caring and kind and simply wanted to know if I would like anything to eat; he opened my windows to encourage the fresh air to flow through the room, and told me I could "stagger downstairs" when I was ready.

I ended up coming down and choking down an apple, which didn't sit too well with me; as I watched the others hard at work outside, I decided to try and make a small contribution by doing the dinner dishes from last night which were still piled beside the sink. That went okay until my sense of balance deteriorated (and my sense of smell decided that the odour of old food wasn't doing anything to help my nauseated stomach retain its apple). I flopped down on the couch in the living room and didn't move for the next three hours, sleeping on and off.

Around 1:15pm I woke up when Thibaud came in to make himself some lunch, and at 1:30pm Howard and Rosemarie came back from a mid-morning drive to see if they could find a farmstand selling black currants (no luck; most of the farms here are under contract to a large juice producer in New Zealand and grow their crop exclusively for the company). To please them I managed to choke down part of a piece of plain toast, then came upstairs and lay down in bed for most of the afternoon.

In the late afternoon I was once again downstairs, this time in search of some sugar (orange juice did the trick), and Rosemarie encouraged me to play the piano for a few minutes, just to give my mind something to do. I did so, once again until I got too headachy to continue, and went back upstairs to bed. Yes, I spent a lot of today either sleeping or in bed!

Just before dinner I watched two episodes of The Secret Life of Machines on my computer; the Word Processor and the Photocopier. Good ol' Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod, they always cheer me up with their ingenuity.

For dinner (leftovers) I had a small spoonful of cold mashed potatoes and the rest of my orange juice, and three or so cut up strawberries for desert. I'm amazed I'm not any hungrier, but every time I put food in my stomach it protests horribly and tries to convince me to throw it up.

After dinner Howard, Thibaut, and I played several rounds of the card game Thirty-One (I taught them), until my headache got too strong, and now I have come upstairs to have a shower and go to bed. So off to bed am I, hopefully to arise much improved in the morning (but sadly I am not that optimistic). Goodnight.


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